Fähigkeiten Besatzung Finanzen Umfeld Marketing


  • Do I have the necessary soft skills?
  • Is my technical / industry knowledge still enough?
  • Do I have the necessary commercial experience?
  • Initial and continuing education?
  • Will my weaknesses be compensated?


  • Can I do it alone?
  • How much responsibility must / can I have?
  • Who do I need (trainees, employees) and how do I involve people in my Company?
  • How important is a good working Environment?
  • Work-life balance?


  • Is my financing plan thorough?
  • Do I need a business angel or venture capital?
  • Do I value my sales expectations correctly?
  • How much re-invest?
  • How much growth do I Need?


  • What is the competitive situation in General?
  • Are my location conditions good?
  • Where is my procurement market?
  • How do I ensure the lasting quality of my Innovation?
  • Does technology development affect me?


  • Is my target group exactly defined?
  • Can I describe my product well?
  • Do I still have a unique selling Proposition?
  • Which (new) sales channels do I Need?
  • Should I continue to expand my offer?
  • Am I legally protected?

After a successful start-up, more work is ahead. Practice and experience show that even a product, a service idea can be so good, the website can be so sophisticated, but it depends solely on the right execution.

Often, marketing efforts must be rethought, staff exchanged, and conflicts addressed. Financing is often poorly planned and revenue expectations are misjudged. Lack of skills and critical leadership decisions enrich the problem area.

I advise on all levels. Be it on a human basis via mediation or coaching / counselling or on a professional legal basis.

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