Information technology law

Rechtsberatung für Unternehmensgründer

The field of activity in the field of IT law includes

  • Classic IT contract law
  • Internet / platform, telecom and e-commerce related contract types and business models
  • Cross-connections to areas of law that are inseparably linked to IT, telecommunications or teleservices as a subject or medium and that determine the effectiveness or admissibility of contractual arrangements and business practices (for example, copyright and design law, competition law)
  • Compliance, security, privacy
  • IT-relevant international relations

All economic sectors are supported or supported by so-called IT services, for example by means of individual software, networks, websites, etc.

I advise and accompany both founders and existing companies in the legal review of their technical requirements.

In addition to the legal understanding, I support technical expertise to ensure the essential transfer of technology to law. Thus, I can act as a so-called interface for your company and enable a smooth consultation process - especially in terms of cost / benefit for the client.

I often come across the following questions in IT law

  • What do I have to look out for in license agreements for new / used Software?
  • What do I do if my software is unlawfully used / "stolen"?
  • What regulations do I need for using, maintaining and installing Software?
  • What should I watch out for if I want to use open source Software?
  • When will my fee for my contractual service be due or when will I have to pay for it?
  • Who is responsible for a server failure and who will replace the Damage?
  • Do I comply with the requirements of the GDPR?

I analyze the situation and discuss the possibilities, enforce them for you or defend against claims of third parties. Tailored solutions for your company correspond to my understanding of a solid and trusting cooperation.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

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