Start……. up?

Geschäftsidee Rechtliche Wirtschaftliche Rahmenbedingungen

Business idea

  • Which name/brand fits my idea?
  • Do I need a business plan?
  • Do I stay employed?
  • What personal skills and abilities do I Need?

Legal / economic conditions

  • How do I protect my idea?
  • Which legal form do I Need?
  • Do I need a Permit?
  • How big is my need for legal certainty?
  • What do I know about accounting and taxes?


  • How much do I have to invest?
  • How do I get Money?
  • How can I protect myself (leave, illness)?
  • What on-board funds do I Need?
  • When do I need a refinance?

Marketing & Distribution

  • What is my target audience?
  • How do I reach my target Group?
  • How do I build my Network?
  • Am I a salesperson (rhetoric / presentation)?


  • How do I communicate?
  • How do I structure Workflows?
  • Which cooperations make sense?
  • How do I position myself in the market?
  • Do I need exit strategies?

It is a long and tedious way from a business idea to an economically successful enterprise requiring much more than hard work and discipline. But the prospect of success through sustainable planning, realization and execution attract many.

Out of about 100 potential business ideas, however, it takes just 10 to be implemented and ready for the market. Of these 10, around 3 still participate in business life after the first financial year. In most cases this is because questions were answered incorrectly.

The focus of business plan and branding, corporate form, capital (on-board funds, financing, refinancing), business structure and organization, realization and execution, sales and marketing are just a few key words that a company founder will consider in addition to the legal protection of his company.

I have been advising on start-up companies for years and am active in several companies as a (silent) partner both as a lawyer and in the area of ​​organizational management and supervision. I know all the relevant questions and - even more importantly - the right answers and the right contacts!  

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